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Memory Reconsolidation for Anxiety
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In this free webinar, pioneering therapist Jules Taylor Shore shares:

  • The relationship between the implicit memory system and your clients’ anxiety
  • How to change your clients’ brains on a cellular level with memory reconsolidation
  • The three elements of reliable and effective memory reconsolidation that you must get right in order for it to work
  • How to recognize a successful reconsolidation so you can do it again and again

Plus, Jules will share a clinical demo of her using this process!
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Juliane Taylor Shore, LPC, LMFT, SEP (AKA Jules) is a therapist and trainer of therapists in Austin, Texas. She specializes in applying Interpersonal Neurobiology to the healing of trauma and the creation of relational health with clients she sees. She uses her knowledge of the brain and the implicit mind to go decisively to the root of the issue with gentleness and depth.

Jules has been a specialist in trauma recovery and in couples counseling for 12 years and loves to work experientially because that is how to meet and invite shifts in the implicit mind. She wants to help people find the love, connection, and grace they have always longed for, both in themselves and with each other.

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